Could a Solar Tsunami bring down the Internet?

Could a Solar Tsunami bring down the Internet?
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In 2008 and 2012, the well known Christian prophet and now deceased, John Paul Jackson, gave a series of prophecies for the future of America and the World.  At the time, he expected them to be fulfilled within the following 10 years.  Most, if not all, have not yet come to pass, although some have (such as the epidemic that will kill many).

The prophecies form part of his Perfect Storm although they can also be found using the Prophetic Headlines search term because he saw them in a vision appearing as newspaper headlines.

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The Perfect Storm video by John Paul Jackson-
Prophetic Headlines video by John Paul Jackson

All the headlines are worth considering but there is scope for many articles to discuss each of them in detail.

This particular one regarding a solar tsunami caught my attention because of a headline I remember seeing in 2021.  I have had a copy of the list of prophecies for over 5 years and now only look at them from time to time.  I would say that now we're closer than ever to their fulfilment.

Three Planes Down from Solar Tsunami - Search Continues

This was the title that John Paul Jackson saw Three planes down from solar tsunami - search continues.

In September 2021 NASA issued a warning regarding a solar tsunami.  The original warning can no longer be found on their website, however a similar event can be found here for the 28th of October 2021, that reportedly brought down radios in South America.

A Moreton wave, Moreton-Ramsey wave or a Solar Tsunami is the chromospheric signature of a large-scale solar corona shock wave. Described as a kind of solar "tsunami", they are generated by solar flares. Wikipedia

I also find it interesting that a "Corona shock wave" could damage the Earth's infrastructure.  It seems corona has it in for us!

Back in 2015 I found this article from the Daily Mail that summarizes the threat of a solar tsunami better than I could.

White House is preparing for catastrophic solar flares
The last powerful geomagnetic solar storm which hit the earth was in 1859 which caused telegraph lines to explode, and power to fail across Europe and North America.
Daily Mail writes about Solar Tsunami in 2015

Although the threat is credible and possibly to be expected.  John Paul Jackson does not describe a devastating effect from the solar flare.  Three planes are brought down and a search ensues.  If they are brought down over land then a search may not be that difficult, someone will surely see it and they can be quickly located.  Over the oceans, however, is a different story.

Do you remember the flight MH370 that went missing in 2014?  A search began immediately and it seems as though they never did conclusively find the missing plane.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - Wikipedia
The story of missing flight MH370

I suspect what the prophecy is alluding to here is a strongly localized flare that impacts an area above water.  Otherwise, 3 flights being down would probably be the least of our issues.

Taking Down the Internet

Could a solar Tsunami bring down the Internet?

The Internet is a fairly well-distributed system and so bringing it down would be difficult.  Certainly, large parts of it are hosted in certain geographic areas such as North Virginia or California in the US.  A large enough event in one of these regions could knock out large swathes of the Internet such that it appears as though it is down, even though only 25% may be offline.  For example, if Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. all went offline simultaneously then most people would consider the Internet to have stopped working.

Could all these services fail simultaneously?

I doubt it because the services themselves are distributed among regions and especially among continents.  This is done in order to meet privacy regulations, improve tax efficiency and speed up content delivery.

Should I be Worried?

In the long list of prophecies given by John Paul Jackson.  This seems to be the least concerning.

His other prophecies include hyperinflation, massive hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The magnetic field will shift and will form cracks that allow solar winds to effect weather patterns. This will also cause major communication problems affecting satellites, cell phones and cable TV.

--- John Paul Jackson

The quote above is an entirely separate issue.  Solar winds this time and a shift in the magnetic field will disrupt communications including television and phones and undoubtedly the Internet as well with so much content being delivered in this way.

How to Prepare

Time with God will allow your mind to be prepared.  It is difficult not to be concerned about what lies in store in the coming years.  But by prayer, we are able to calm our fears.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

--- Philippians 4:6-7 (ESV)

  • You need to be prepared with a supply of food and fresh water.
  • Cultivate friendships within walking distance.
  • Have one or two physical books on preparedness.
  • Have a physical copy of the Bible.
  • Have some tradeable items in the house, such as silver coins or possibly alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Get a bicycle, and a trailer if you can find a cheap one.
  • Have some medication and first aid supplies on hand.

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