Is God Responsible for the Big Bang?

Does the latest scientific theories about the big band prove the existence of God

Is God Responsible for the Big Bang?
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Recently my attention was directed towards a YouTube video that sees God playing a role in creation that I had not considered.  In fact, it was only last week that I was reading about the current theory scientists have about the creation event known to atheists as the Big Bang.  This new video talked about this latest theory and how he believes it proves the existence of God.

At the same time as reading about this theory and some of the problems with it another article popped up in my Google feed, which is what Google thinks is of interest to me, and this article was of interest.  Wired magazine wrote an article about how our universe came into existence and that they just need the scientists to get over themselves and admit the possibility that our universe is a simulation. What I will do is make this a short article and quickly follow it with a review of that article.

Quantum Fluctuation

NASA/WMAP Science Team, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

So the Big Bang is believed by materialistic scientists to have come about from what they call a Quantum Fluctuation.  They believe this because it has been observed that quantum particles apparently appear out of nowhere.

Oxford University scientist Peter Atkins parodies the book of Genesis by writing:

In the beginning there was nothing. Absolute void, not merely empty space. There was no space; nor was there time, for this was before time. The universe was without form and void. By chance there was a fluctuation...

We'll come back to the problems with this theory, but for now, let's continue to follow the line of reasoning according to MIT Physicist Dr Gerald Schroeder.

Dr Schroeder begins by looking at the WMAP diagram from NASA displayed above. This shows the expansion of the universe over time starting at the Quantum Fluctuation.

He goes on to explain that the funnel shape is the known universe over time. Outside of the funnel is nothing.  Not a vacuum because a vacuum is something that we understand and can measure, but nothing is literally nothing and we cannot comprehend it.

Obviously creating the universe out of nothing is the start of the creation event. Scientists only rediscovered the creation event in the last 100 years, before that they believe the universe was eternal, essentially they wanted the universe to be God.  Now they have a creation event, something came out of nothing.

Quantum particles appear, not out of nothing, but out of nowhere.

We don't know where the quantum particles appear from but quantum theory can apply well-defined statistical probabilities to estimate when and where they will appear.  This suggests that our understanding of quantum particles specifically and physics, in general, is incomplete.  There is a testable theory and a provable outcome, just no theory of origin as of yet.

Secondly, nothing, in this case, is actually not nothing, but rather a very specific something. It is a quantum vacuum.  William Lane Craig describes this quantum vacuum as:

A sea of fluctuating energy endowed with a rich structure and subject to physical laws.

Back to Dr Schroeder. The laws of nature explain how things behave but they do not explain why they do so. However, Dr Schroeder states that:

The laws of nature are not physical but act on the physical, they create the universe from nothing and pre-date the universe.

Dr Schroeder, therefore, concludes that the Laws of Nature are God.  He goes on to claim that the Laws of Nature match the biblical definition of God, and therefore science has proven the existence of God.


I'm all for looking at how science proves the existence of God, but likewise, I want them to consider which god they are proving.  Dr Schroeder has equated God to the laws of nature and said that this is the Biblical definition.  He has failed to consider that God is personable, he has an image and is able to communicate with his creation through more than just law-like principles.

It is intriguing to consider that while God is not equal to the laws of nature, he may include the laws of nature in his being.  In Colossians 1:17 the Apostle Paul writes:

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

This sounds similar to Dr Schroeder's definition but I'd turn it around and say that God says he is the one that is before all things and holds all things together. He makes things work in this universe the way that they do.

God is much bigger than the laws of nature although I like the thought that he is the laws of nature and therefore can truly say he holds all things together.

Let there be Light

Our understanding of light is that it is both a particle and a wave. Light is considered part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is a spectrum with only a small part being visible to humans. Could God have intended the entire spectrum to be called light?

Physics knows of four basic forces from which all other forces can be derived. These forces are gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

NASA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Gravity is still not well-understood, it is believed to be a facet of space-time interaction, but there is a postulated quantum particle called the Graviton that as yet remains undetectable because of its comparatively tiny force (cf.

Light on the other hand is much better understood and also results in a much stronger force than gravity.  For every atom, there are three forces holding them together.  The strong and weak nuclear forces hold the protons and neutrons of the nucleus together, whilst the electromagnetic force keeps the electrons in place.  I'll admit I have not read enough about these nuclear forces to understand them yet, but what I do know is that God said he is light and that he holds everything together. This is true for every atom that exists as they are literally held together by light!

Scientists also now believe that everything that exists may have been created by light.

We can compare this with the creation account where the first thing that is created is light, yet in 1 John 1:5, it states that God is light. And again in John 1:3-4:

All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

A part of God then is light, maybe in the same way that a part of God is the laws of nature, but this is not the whole expression of who God is.

An article on Forbes agrees that the Bible's statement "Let there be light", is now corroborated by science.

It goes on to explain how several decades ago science detected background radiation that led to the discovery, or proof, of the Big Bang.  This radiation can be considered as light, although it is not visible because most of its energy is in the infrared spectrum which cannot be perceived by the human eye.

Furthermore, Albert Einstein realised that matter and light are related in his now immortalised equation:


This equation says that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. So very tiny particles contain huge energies which sadly led to the creation of the atom bomb.  However, take light which is considered a particle of zero mass but known energy, divide it by its speed and suddenly you have mass or matter.  Just last year, this principle was tested in practice and revealed that indeed matter can be created from light (cf.

I think as we learn more about the four basic forces and seek to unify them then we will get closer to discovering the true nature of God.

Science proves the Biblical account

So science is discovering that the Bible has been right all along, that there is a beginning, and in that beginning the first thing created was light and from that light, all other things were created and are held together.  Before the beginning was something else, maybe something eternal, that holds the universe together.

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