Is this Prophecy from 1979 now coming true?

Never before have events sounded so eerily similar to those prophesied by Chuck Youngbrandt. Is this the year when they start to be fulfilled?

Is this Prophecy from 1979 now coming true?
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On the first of April 1977, Jesus appeared to Chuck Youngbrandt and gave him a vision. Like Nineveh in Jonah's day, Chuck admitted that the judgements could be averted if the people would repent and turn from their wickedness.

What was said is recorded below in bullet form as it is not easy to follow the narrative or piece the message together into a congruent form.

The videos themselves tend to disappear from YouTube only to be reposted later by someone else. It is strange that these videos would disappear unless someone doesn't want them to be seen. So please search for it yourself if it doesn't appear here. The complete video is just over 2 hours in length.

Year 0

Towards the end of the video Chuck describes two events that occur approximately two years prior to nuclear war although these events are described separately from the lead up to full-scale nuclear war. He suggests these events occur approximately two years prior to the war.

  • A huge hurricane will hit New Orleans in September.
  • A major earthquake may strike Chicago on September 7th.
  • A major earthquake, between 6.7 and 7.4 on the Richter scale, will hit near St Louis, Missouri on September the nineteenth.
  • In December Russia accidentally launches a nuclear strike from Siberia. Twelve missiles are launched by a computer error. Russia scrambles to disarm the missiles. Many self-destruct, and others are shot down by US defences, but four hit targets in the US: Lexington Kentucky, Richmond Virginia and Columbia South Carolina are destroyed. Northern New York is damaged.
  • The US retaliates by hitting three Russian cities with nuclear weapons.

With two or three of these events occurring in September and both likely to be reported in national news due to the scale of these events, we can consider them as a significant wake-up call to what follows afterwards.

Year 1

We can see some of these things happening already. Gas shortages and a fall in the value of the US Dollar. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership came into force in January 2022 being signed by 16 nations in East Asia and the Pacific region. China, Japan and South Korea have been working on a trilateral agreement since 2013, though without much progress. Will a breakthrough come in the next twelve months?

  • Summer heat follows spring rains.
  • Store gas as shortages will occur.
  • The dollar begins to slide in July alongside gold value problems.
  • The temperature rise begins on June ninth and peaks in July with no rain of any significance.
  • China and Japan will sign an economic agreement.
  • Many will lose jobs as the economy crumbles and there will be many bankruptcies.
  • A disease outbreak will start in California and move east. Many will be left incapacitated.
  • From Georgia, a plague starts and kills many.
  • In August food riots will break out in many major cities as food costs increase. Hundreds of thousands will want for food.
  • There will be power outages caused by the heat and fuel shortages.
  • Extremist groups will start causing trouble seeking to overthrow the government. State troops will be called and in some places, federal troops and tanks are called to deal with the violence.

Year 2

  • In January a strong tremor will hit Northern Iowa. Thirty days later a massive quake will hit the Boston area with ripples felt throughout the US.
  • It will be a cold and windy winter and there will be little heat in most US homes.
  • There will be rationing of electricity and oil imports will be cut off.
  • It will reach -40℉ in the Chicago area. Many homes will have no heat causing many to freeze to death. Suicide becomes common. City services will fail. The dead will lie in the streets. Diseases will flourish.
  • Half the nation's employed are now unemployed and the dollar is worthless.
  • Canada is in bad shape but not as bad as the US. Mexico and Canada close their borders and impose restrictions to limit the number of refugees.
  • April will bring warmth but many crops will fail.
  • Temperatures rise to over 120℉ by mid-May.
  • There will be tornadoes, hurricanes and waves of tremors.
  • The famine continues.
  • The government tries to implement a rescue package but their corruption is exposed. Only Christians have the strength to act.
  • There will be fear, pain and misery for those who reject Christ, but visible signs and wonders will be seen by those who follow Christ.
  • Persecution will reach a high this year, often being approved by the local government.
  • An earthquake in the Midwest of 9-10 on the Richter scale, will occur on July 5th, and destroys all cities along the Mississippi as a tidal wave five stories high flows from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Thirty days after the earthquake an angel will warn Christians to flee.
  • Thirty-seven days after the earthquake Russia and China will attack with nuclear weapons.
  • Everything south of Orlando, Florida will sink into the sea.
  • The US manages to retaliate and surprises Russia, but Russia recovers and within two months they invade by land along the East coast. China and Japan invade California. Japan takes Hawaii.
  • The US government moves to Kansas.


  • A long seven-year battle ensues.
  • The Russians in the East deal more mercifully with the population than the Chinese in the West who will bury people alive.
  • There are regions of safety for Christians: Northern Florida, Northern New York, Central Arkansas, Northern Dakota and Northern Washington State. Eventually, a man who he calls Jeffrey, will lead a resurgence against the Russians and drive them back into the Atlantic at New York. New York City will be completely destroyed.
  • Christians in the Russian, Chinese and Japanese armies will defect and join the US.
  • During the fight for the US, China and Japan will attack Russia and over-power them. Russia will cease to be a world power from then on.
  • During this period a ten country confederation will form in Europe and the antichrist will come on the scene.

Proposed Timeline

Two year build-up to nuclear war

Summer heat follows spring rain. As I can tell there was no significant rainfall this spring. Is it just a poetic way of describing the start of summer? It could be, or maybe it is another year.

Stock up on gas because there will be fuel shortages. This could be 2022 and the prices have risen sharply but the shortages are not yet here so maybe this is 2023.

In July the Dollar starts to slide. Would I expect the Dollar to slide in July 2022? The US Dollar is already declining. In May '22 it started to decline though nothing like it did in 1987 or 2002. I wouldn't be surprised for it to decline in July but we're only just over one month away so 2023 might be more plausible.

In August food riots break out in cities across America. We're starting to see food shortages and there are almost daily warnings, some saying 2023 will be worse than 2022 because of shortages in fertilizer and failed harvests due to the war in Ukraine and the weather in the US.

Russia could keep millions of tons of cereal and corn off the market in 2023, UN warns
Months of blocked Ukrainian ports are seeing stockpiles of food stuck in the country. β€œThe world faces the risk of food shortages.”

So will the food riots begin in 2022 as they have done in Sri Lanka, or do they start in 2023? The prophecy says hundreds of thousands will want for food, so given that we're already almost in June and there are only a few warnings, my eyes are definitely on 2023 for this one also.

If 2023 marks Year 1, then that would mean that 2022 is Year 0. What is prophesied for year zero? Nothing until September and then a huge hurricane in New Orleans. In late August 2005, the category 5 hurricane Katrina killed one thousand eight hundred people and is the deadliest hurricane in US history. This year could see another at least as deadly. The late prophet John Paul Jackson received a vision regarding a 500-mile wide hurricane. Could these two prophecies come to pass this year?

I recorded two dates for earthquakes also happening in September of Year zero. Around a 6.7 Richter earthquake hitting Chicago on the 7th of September and a 7.6 Richter earthquake hitting St Louis on the 19th of September. Both of these are within the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

If those things occur and even if only one of them occurs, it is bad news for America. It will cause billions of dollars of destruction and thousands of lives lost.

Then I would be paying close attention to December 14th when Russia may accidentally launch twelve nuclear missiles. It will be caused by a software glitch and although they try to stop them, four will hit targets in the US. New York City will not be destroyed but the fallout from such an exchange will likely obliterate the stock market. Millions of lives will be lost in this limited exchange.

Continuing the assumption that Year 1 is 2023 then possibly there is a wet spring that year followed by a very hot and dry summer. There will be food shortages, gas shortages, bankruptcies, riots and pestilence.

In 2024 everything gets worse starting with the coldest winter in over 100 years and culminating in a July 5th earthquake stronger than anything recorded in history. It will destroy Chicago and all cities along the Mississippi all the way to the Gulf coast. It will divide the nation of America in two and is said to be linked to the signing of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine (link). On April 8th 2024 a blood moon crosses America southwest to northeast mirroring an earlier blood moon that crossed America on August 21st 2017 from northwest to southeast. These crossings form a perfect x-marks-the-spot right around the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Solar eclipses are often seen as signs of God's judgement.

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By the 11th of August 2024 all Christians must be in their places of refuge for on this day Russia and China will launch a full-scale nuclear attack mostly targeting the East and West coasts. Within two months a million ground troops will arrive.

Other Years

Although economists are seeing a possible famine in 2023 and the total solar eclipse is in 2024, Bo Polny believes the famine begins 2025 because of the Revelation 12 sign that appeared on the 23rd of September 2017.

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This is truly a sign in the heavens and one that only appears every 7000 years. Bo believes this marks the start of 7 years of plenty before we enter 7 years of famine, just as Joseph experienced. He does not say this is a word from God, only what he perceives from studying the cycles. I'm open to the idea that 2023 could be year zero but I'm watching for a hurricane this year.

Countdown to Tribulation

This will be a time of great distress but it is not the Great Tribulation, it is merely the beginning of birth pains. It is the judgement of God because America has played the harlot and taught the world to sin. The world is being cleansed of sin and Christians will become purified and strengthened through this time of testing. Persecution of Christians, however, will increase as they experience a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit and begin to move in greater power and authority.

In Europe, things will also be difficult as the Euro will collapse even before the US dollar collapses. There may be nuclear exchanges or war with Russia and there will also be food and gas shortages. Persecution of Christians will intensify as the antichrist rises to power

Each person should seek God for themselves to determine the plan they should follow during this time. There is no safer place than within the will of God! Prophets are sent for a reason and it would definitely be wise to pay heed to their warnings this year and next in particular. Stock up on food and bottled drinking water and keep an eye on the weather forecast in late August. It may also be the right time to get out of the stock markets but Crypto may also be in for a rough time in the near term.

I'm not sure why no one else is talking about this, but please, if you are concerned and want to share your thoughts or get in touch then please subscribe and email me or join our chat channel on Telegram at