Prophecies of America's Demise

I wanted to summarise the prophecies related to World-War-3 and the demise of America. I briefly deal with the most important prophecies and suggest 2025 as the year of America's destruction.

Prophecies of America's Demise
Photo by Hasan Almasi / Unsplash

Many and varied are the voices that have prophesied the downfall of the USA. I have only a small selection written down that I refer back to, indeed many share similarities. You could say once you've read one, you've read them all.

This week I was watching Elijah Streams on YouTube and this prophecy was there by someone called Chris Reed. It turns out he's the successor of Rick Joyner at Morning Star Ministries. I know Rick Joyner from his visions from the nineties that he released as a trilogy, The Final Quest, The Call, and The Torch and the Sword. I'd never heard of Chris Reed, but now he appeared on this popular prophecy channel to reveal a dream that he had. His dream was very very similar to that of John Paul Jacksons.  I'll describe them below in further detail.

I have family and friends in the USA, though I don't live there myself. So the subject of America's demise could be considered only of fringe interest to those outside of the USA. Except that would be to ignore the huge influence that our North American cousins have over our own lives.

Technology and finance are two huge areas where the US has enormous influence. Much of the technology we enjoy today is because it was first pioneered by Americans. Much of the wealth that we enjoy today is because of the financial instruments pioneered by the Americans. Other less pleasing policies have come out of the US also and typically the entire Western world follows suit.

They will not only be missed because of the impact on our personal comforts, but also because of their global altruistic endeavours. They contribute by far the most per capita to non-profit organisations. Their church sermons and television productions spread the Christian message all over the world through modern media.

It is from these Christian media platforms that many of the prophecies of America's future have been made. I will list a few here, but there are many more, most of which are recorded here. Although America may be difficult to find in Biblical prophecy, it seems to be the subject of many many extra-Biblical prophecies.

Shortlist of Prophecies

  • John Paul Jackson: Perfect Storm (see later)
  • John Paul Jackson: Prophetic Headlines (see later)
  • A.A. Allen: Visions of gas followed by nuclear bombs East and West coasts and Texas.
  • Henry Gruver: Saw Russia attack Europe and America using gas. Nuclear bombs on East and West coasts of US.
  • George Washington: Saw nations from Europe, Asia and Africa invade the US and destroy her.
  • William Branham: Saw an explosion in the US that turned the country to ash.
  • Dumitru Duduman: Saw the US attacked by Russia using subsea nuclear weapons. Japan and China fought against Russia signing a treaty. Then they unite and target Israel.
  • David Wilkerson: Economic troubles start in Europe, move to Japan and then the US. Within two weeks the banks will close. Russia will destroy the US by fire following an economic collapse.
  • Maurice Sklar: Israel will attack Iran causing oil prices to escalate. Then the Euro will collapse followed by the Dollar and causing a new global currency to rise. First, the Dollar will lose 30% followed by a complete collapse.
  • John Kilpatrick: Saw a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault-line because of the US involvement in dividing the land of Israel.
  • Shane Warren: Saw a storm raining dollar bills due to hyperinflation, after that a news reporter stating that a massive Earthquake had hit on the New Madrid fault line.
  • Chuck Youngbrandt: Saw economic distress, natural disasters and nuclear war. (see later).

John Paul Jackson

John Paul Jackson had several detailed visions that included much of the above but more. He saw a series of images as newspaper headlines. It is not clear whether these headlines are connected with a series of events, or happen in a similar time period. John Paul expected them to happen before 2018, but they did not. However, we are getting closer to the time of their fulfillment. I wanted to write out some details that John Paul includes that others do not.

  • Too Big to Fail - Fails - Nations Banks being pushed
  • The Rise and Fall of the Political Parties - New Third Party gains ground
  • The Great Divide - The new Normal on the Mississippi River
  • Washington DC Riots continue
  • New United America being Pushed - Canada, Mexico, USA in Talks
  • Volcano Erupts Near Tokyo, 7 Million Dead, Another Million Missing.
  • Record Set for Number of Cities with Riot Curfews
  • Loss of Identity - The Cost to Belong to the New Euro Community
  • Derivative Panic Hits Global Markets
  • Food Prices Lead Nation's Escalating Inflation Woes
  • Sysco Co and Kraft Considers Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget

This is a selection of the headlines that illustrate economic turmoil, geophysical turmoil and political turmoil.

To summarise some of his other prophecies he sees droughts causing water to be more expensive than oil. A volcano erupting in the US, earthquakes along the coastlines and a major earthquake on the New Madrid fault line. Hurricanes and tornadoes with storm surges up to 150 miles inland. A blight hitting seeds requiring use of classic seed types. Some solar events causing a change in the Earth's magnetic field, bringing skins problems and interrupting wireless communications.

I'm reading through my notes from 2015 and just found one stating:

Russia will try to take control of Ukraine and continue to give Iran weapons to further ignite the oil crisis because with conflict in the middle east oil will escalate because Russia need the oil to rebuild itself once again as a new mother Russia.

I also highlighted another of his prophecies last year:

There will be an epidemic that will kill many and it will start from another country and come to America.

For the economy he saw credit problems causing redundancies and buildings to lie empty and half of mall units to be un-leased. The dollar loses value and become equal to the peso. A unified North American currency will be talked about.

Social security and retirement accounts will become of little value and mobs will start to roam the streets. The worst riots of America's history will start.

Chris Reed

Saw a dream where a dollar bill was being torn into pieces and people came up to him with newspaper headlines related to the economic turmoil of the USA.

  • Dollar drops 30% in value - Mid-East oil strikes deal with China
  • The Perfect Storm - Inflation reaches a new high
  • Food crisis as wheat and bread imports are at a stalemate
  • Riots and civil unrest as citizens demand entitlement cheques
  • The Dollar is torn in half (50% drop) and an earthquake is felt
  • Israeli and Palestinian two state solution reached
  • Major earthquake hits the middle of the US
  • The Dollar is torn into little pieces
  • America in pieces as more states secede in rebellion to the federal government
  • US military takes charge as uncertainty looms over federal government
  • New currency for renewed nation (has appearance of a cell phone)
  • Simplicity restored as Americans grow their own food again

If you go through all of John Paul Jackson's prophecies then there is nothing new here. Even the word Perfect Storm was used by John Paul back in 2008 or earlier. Perhaps one new detail is the electronic form of the new currency, but we don't need a prophet to tell us that governments are working on digital currencies.

Chuck Youngbrandt

Chuck does not seem to be well known but has a very long and detailed testimony of these visions available on YouTube. I find his prophecies to be of the most interest because he provides months and seasons as well as meteorological information to help place us on the timeline of these events.

The prophecies were received over a period of years and some seem to deal with previous revelation whilst others are new revelation. For this reason the exact order of events is unclear to both the listener and to Chuck himself. What follows is my attempt at placing the prophecies in a timeline:

  • Summer heat follows spring rain
  • Temperatures rise from June 9th and continue through to September then sudden drop in October. No rain of any significance during this time.
  • July the Dollar slides. Oil prices rise. Food prices rise and result in riots.
  • Power outages caused by the heat.
  • Food riots and political riots in August. Army and police try to quench riots.
  • Bankruptcies widespread.
  • Disease starts in California and moves East.
  • September New Orleans hit by hurricane.  Possible 6.7 Richter earthquake in Chicago 7th September and then 7.6 Richter in St Louis on 19th September.
  • President in trouble in December.
  • December 14th – Russia accidentally launches nuclear strike. US retaliates.
  • January (2023?) – very cold -40°C in Chicago, little heat.
  • Strong tremor in North Iowa, 30 days later a massive quake in Boston and ripple of quakes.
  • Prophets sent out. Dollar worthless.
  • Cold ends in April and by mid-May temperatures reach 48°C
  • Visible signs and wonders. Many turning, but wickedness increasing.
  • Many hurricanes, tornadoes, famine and floods. Disease spreading, suicide rife.
  • If the September quake is in 2023 then the mega-quake (9+) would be in July 5th 2025.
  • Christians warned to leave by angels, within 30 days of quake.
  • Afterwards Russia, China and Japan attack, first with nuclear bombs. Then China/Japan attack from the West and Russia from the North East.
  • North Korea attacks South Korea. China attacks Taiwan.
  • Occupation lasts 7 years.
  • Later Russia attacks Israel but China/Japan and Europe respond by destroying Russia.

What to watch for

Bringing these prophecies together I am definitely keeping an eye on a wet spring followed by a sudden temperature change on June 9th with no rain. Although the Dollar has already lost some of its value I expect to see a sudden 30% devaluation in July leading to oil and food price increases.

We saw riots over covid policy, but I expect to see more riots because of food prices and these will be in August. By September I'll be watching for an earthquake in Chicago and St. Louis and a hurricane in New Orleans.

By December, probably this year, 2022, we'll expect to see the President in trouble. Right now his son Hunter Biden is in trouble because of his corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China. By December maybe Biden's health will have declined further or simply as a result of the mid-term elections and his son, but I expect Biden to be in trouble.

Could it be then that by December 14th Russia accidentally fires a nuclear missle? Maybe, and the US would retaliate, although it's unclear how. I have seen that this accidental strike hits New York and worsens the financial crisis.

If the September earthquakes happen in 2023 then watch for the Israel Palestine two state agreement afterwards, followed by the massive New Madrid earthquake in July 2025.

Only once economic turmoil and natural disasters have severely weakened the USA will Russia and China attack by using submarine launched nuclear missiles on both the East and West coasts, this could be in 2025 or perhaps later.

What to do about it

If you live in the USA you will want to get out of there before this happens. Pay attention to the signs, particularly the weather which can give a clue as to where we are in the timeline.

Get yourself right with God. America is being judged for its wickedness, but the rest of the world will suffer also. God will preserve a righteous remnant even in the midst of the destruction. See for more details.

Prepare food, water and emergency supplies and move away from the coast to see you through some of the destruction.

This is not the Great Tribulation, but it is a step in that direction.