Prophecy Update for Jewish Year 5783

An update on the prophesied famine and wars of the coming years.

Prophecy Update for Jewish Year 5783
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So to start off with, this update is not related to Israel and the only connection it has with the Jewish New Year is that God's prophetic timeline often follows the Jewish festivals, we happen to have just entered the Jewish year 5783.  Events seem to often happen in September or start in September, or indeed get worse in September. Likewise, they may also begin to end as we approach September.

Author, pastor and Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, is perhaps the most famous for identifying the connection between natural events, political events and Jewish Festivals.

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Earlier this year I wrote an article explaining why this year might be the year to fulfil Charles Youngbrandt's prophecies from the Seventies. The start of those prophesied events is in September and begins with an Earthquake. That Earthquake has not happened and so it is clear that the other prophesied events should also not occur.

Please read that article to get a full appreciation of the gravity of the events that are said to unfold, it is essentially a nuclear World War 3.

The headlines in regular news are still mentioning World War 3. Talks of a Great Depression or at least a Recession are increasing. Talks of dark winters and hard winters are also in the news. Not to mention threats of a nuclear strike, especially on Great Britain, Germany and the USA.

It seems we are headed in that direction right now. If we continue heading in that direction then I believe we will see the fulfilment of Chuck's prophecy. I now see its fulfilment starting in 2023 and the reasons are essentially the same as those for its fulfilment in 2022 except everything will get worse.  So let me explain what it might look like.


Things are continuing pretty much the same way they are now except getting worse. So I expect the war in Ukraine will continue, and inflation will continue, meaning prices will get higher for everything from Gas and Electricity to food. Perhaps we'll begin to see actual food shortages, but we won't be calling it a famine. Somehow we'll get by in 2023, it will be worse for some than for others and for some countries than for others.

2023 could still be a year for preparation, for building up reserves of food, reserves of gas, reserves of water, or indeed for relocating entirely.

September 2023

So then in September 2023 we could expect to see Earthquakes in St. Louis and Chicago and a huge hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

December 2023

That would mean that December 2023 would be when the Russians accidentally launch nuclear bombs against the USA and the USA retaliates against Moscow.


July 2024 is when the Dollar is supposed to slide. This makes little sense to me if indeed the nuclear strike against New York occurs 6 months prior. I can only assume that other currencies are fairing worse and the slide is relative to other currencies and not relative to assets such as Gold or Land which should continue to strengthen against the Dollar in 2023 and 2024 given the prevailing inflation.

Many will lose their jobs because of bankruptcies. This could start to happen in 2023 because of the recession but could then get markedly worse in 2024.

Food scarcity will become something noteworthy this year with riots in August due to the increased prices.


You can follow the original article to see what else is prophesied for those years. So why the change in dates?

As I mentioned in that article, the year 2022 was purely my interpretation earlier in the year based on what journalists and commentators were predicting for 2023. As we approach the end of the year and have seen none of the prophecies come to pass, then I am simply moving it out to the next year. Also, I have started to notice other commentators predicting that a famine will come in 2024 whilst earlier in the year I was hearing people say food shortages will come in 2022 and get worse in 2023.

I don't feel precious about any particular date but I try to get myself prepared purely by correlating actual events with prophesied events. I cannot correlate anything in 2022 and so I will look for a closer correlation in 2023.

In the last few days I've been hearing some prophets say that every prophecy is not a statement of what will happen, but only a statement about what could happen. They go on to say that it is an invitation to the Church to pray into the prophecy to either stop it from happening if it is bad or to bring it to pass if it is good.

That is absolutely correct and I myself have been guilty of not praying into these prophecies because I see it as a chance to reset a corrupt and ungodly system and maybe to profit in the process by being more prepared, in the same way that Joseph and Egypt profited by having stored up grain in time for the famine.

If we are Christians then we should instead focus not on the hopeful expectation of a Great Reset, but on cancelling the prophesied bad whilst releasing the good. I use Great Reset here because all that's prophesied could indeed fit into Klaus Schwab's Great Reset plan to usher in a one-world government, one-world currency and a transhumanist healthcare system. This should not be our hope.

The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy. Should the prophesied events happen then that is instead a judgement for sin and can be avoided by repentance and expanding the Kingdom of God.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

--- Romans 14:17 (ESV)

Contrary Words

I watched a couple of videos on YouTube recounting a woman's and secondly a man's near-death experiences.

First Video

In the video below the lady, Julie, claims to have met Jesus and talked with him and then tells of the future that he showed her.

The prophecy starts at 12:30 and ends at 14:30

I have not taken the time to analyse the video's contents in relation to the revelation God has given us in the Bible. I always take the Bible as the primary authority and then find these stories interesting to see if they can add some light to some of the more unusual or unclear parts of Holy Scripture. Just a couple of strange things she says is that "souls have a contract with Father God" and secondly she refers to herself as a "psychic". Let's overlook these things and see what she has to say:

What she prophecies starting at 12:30 and ending at 14:30 is:

  • In 2024 the world banking system is on the verge of collapse and uses this opportunity to implement Central Bank Digital Currencies for everyone.
  • A social credit system will be implemented in the United States similar to what China has.
  • Things turn around in 2028 when Donald Trump is elected President.
  • Donald Trump replaces the world banking system and reinstates paper Dollars for the US.
  • Wars and famine become but a memory (minute 13:55) [author's note: this may mean that wars and famine precede 2028].
  • Peace and prosperity flourish for the next 33 years.

She then suddenly jumps forward to the year 2061:

  • In 2061 the US chooses to divide itself across the middle without civil war, becoming the United Northern States and the United Southern States of America.
  • In 2063 China invades the former US.
  • The former US joins forces with Mexico and Canada to fight against China.
  • The war lasts 7 years and becomes a World War.
  • After the war ends a declaration of peace is signed.
  • Peace lasts for 5 years, but beyond that no more is revealed.

My Thoughts

There are no details about what happens between now and 2028 other than the collapse of the World Banking System, and what does she mean by that anyway?

I cannot take the time here to explain all that it might mean, but let's suffice to say I think it is the fiat banking system or you could call it the debt-based economy. All economies are interlinked now because of our system of creating money from thin air and then using that money to purchase shares of real assets including companies and property. Should a large company fail, such as Evergrande in China, then it defaults on its loan from a Chinese bank. That bank is not strong enough to absorb the loss and so defaults on its obligations to larger banks and so the banking dominoes fall all around the world.

It also causes me to think of the IMF or the World Bank, but I don't know enough about these institutions to imagine a way that they could fail. What I have heard reported is how each Economic crisis is growing:

  • 2000 was a crisis of companies
  • 2008 was a crisis of banks
  • 2024 will be the crisis of central banks

If you want some extra context, David Wilkerson prophesied that the banking collapse will start in Europe, then spread to Japan and then to America.  So keep your eyes on banking news in Europe.

I find her reference to 2024 particularly interesting and does correlate well with my new outline above. Also her reference to famines being "only a memory" after 2028.  Until now, I have no memories of famines so that would mean I should expect a famine and possibly an extended famine between now and 2028.

What about a win for the Democratic party in the 2024 elections? I actually cannot imagine that happening at all and that seems the most unbelievable part of this to me. Maybe they find a way to cancel the elections, caused by widespread power outages, cyberattacks or indeed a new virus. I wouldn't put it past them.

Second video

This video is much shorter than the last and the man explains just a few things which add only minor details or confirmations to what has already been shared.

The prophecy starts at 5:20

In the video he tells about the following events:

  • War, Famine, Death, Heartbreak
  • The world population grows to 10 Billion but is decimated (becoming only 1 Billion) following another Great War.

My Thoughts

It could be that death and heartbreak refer to his personal experience because he certainly did experience that after returning. However war and famine and societal experiences.

These correlate quite well with what is written above and it could be that war, famine and death are to be expected before 2028.

The World population growing to 10 Billion will take a bit of time. However, it falls exactly within the timeframe laid out by Julie in the first video. As can be seen below, the World population will cross 10 Billion right around 2057. This means 2063 could indeed see the outbreak of a war that fulfils both prophecies.

Final Conclusions

As always, take these prophecies with some caution, they could be wrong, but they could also be right. Use them to guide your prayers as you seek God's will for your future, but try not to be afraid because then it is more difficult to discern God's will.

A population decrease of 90% such as foreseen in the second video sounds much more like a prelude to the events of Revelation than what other Prophets have seen such as John Paul Jackson and Charles Youngbrandt.  I would like to think that all these things have their place and that no prophet was giving false prophecies, but maybe like Jonah, the prophesied calamities are averted thanks to genuine repentance and prayer. I also feel like prophecies get delayed rather than completely annulled. Jonah prophesied Nineveh's destruction between 772 and 754 BC, it was not destroyed at that time because of the people's repentance but was ultimately destroyed between 30 and 50 years later in 612 BC.  That may explain the reason why prophecies that were given decades ago have still not been fulfilled.

It seems that the next 6 years are going to be tumultuous with war and famine, but then things settle down again. Until 2063 we could well continue eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.

For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

--- Matthew 24:37-39 (ESV)

Furthermore, we need not fear. As Psalm 37:19b declares:

In the days of famine they shall have abundance.
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