What is the COVID end-game?

Many people suspect foul play and an ulterior motive behind the massive covid restrictions. We dive into what the ulterior motive could be.

What is the COVID end-game?
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I was listening recently to an interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts.  If you haven't heard of her before then I suggest you look her up and try to follow some of her interviews.  She gained widespread notoriety for her part in the film project called Planet Lockdown.  It was censored by social media but can still be found online.  Visit their website here and watch some of the interviews.

In later interviews, she starts to talk about someone whom she calls Mr Global.

The thing is, she does not know who Mr Global is. And she does not know what he wants and why he wants it.

Options include:

  • Depopulation
  • Financial Reset
  • Multi-planetary mission
  • Global Control


Depopulation has been a stated goal of globalists for some time.  Probably made famous by the Georgia Guidestones.

Georgia Guidestones

Written on these stones is something like a party manifesto.  However, who paid for these stones to be erected remains a mystery.  What is clear is that one of the stated aims of the benefactor is "to maintain humanity under 500 million". Or to put it another way, to reduce the world's population by about 90%!

Prince Phillip famously stated in the forward to the 1986 book People As Animals dealing with the human population explosion in contrast to endangered species:

I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus

The current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wrote in an article for the Telegraph in 2007 that:

the primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself

A US funded website Deagel.com previously included world population forecasts broken down by country.  These forecasts have since been removed but I first saw them in 2016 and an image of how it used to look can be seen below.

Germany is expected to decrease in population by some 65% between 2017 and 2025.  Five years later, as we enter 2022, and the third year of the COVID crisis, the forecasts have been removed entirely.

Deagel.com never did explain the reasoning behind the forecasts although we can imagine.  Especially as the most dramatic reductions in population occurred in Western countries.  It is most likely not caused by a global pandemic as that affects populations in equal measure.  Slightly weighted toward older populations like we have in the West, but not by such a large difference.  

A 2012 US evaluation of the risk posed by an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack suggested that they could stand to lose 70-90% of their population.  The source text can still be found online here.  The key finding is this:

Dr. Graham has said that a major catastrophic EMP attack on the
United States could cause an estimated 70-90 percent of the our
Nation's population to become unsustainable.

An EMP can be produced using the same technology as a Nuclear bomb.  Instead of focussed explosive force, the EMP produces massive electromagnetic radiation.  This knocks out anything containing electronics within the blast radius.  When detonated in the air above the target the affected area can be increased.

According to the Federation of American Scientists:

A large device detonated at 400–500 km (250 to 312 miles) over Kansas would affect all of the continental U.S. The signal from such an event extends to the visual horizon as seen from the burst point.

That would prevent any modern vehicle from operating.  Most military equipment would potentially also fail. Shops and Banks would close. Fields would go unharvested.

Within 6 months most people will have died from thirst or starvation.

An EMP can be produced naturally by the sun, although typically we are protected by the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere.

Given that an EMP blast from the Sun cannot be predicted with any certainty.  An EMP attack could produce the expected result but would not be an isolated incident.  It would also only affect one country and not the West in general, even if the US is a major contributor to World finance and supply chains.

World War 3

An EMP attack is more likely to form part of a general war that will affect all countries of the world.  Food supplies and Supply chains, in general, will be disrupted.

Can we expect an EMP attack in Europe?  Maybe.  But given the complex borders, the lack of a united military force and the almost disinterest in conflict, I see a more conventional take over of Europe as the most likely scenario.  Possibly combined with a Cyberattack which can achieve much of the same outcomes as an EMP.

Is COVID just preparation for a more conventional attack?  A Chinese professor, Ping Chen, stated in May 2021:

In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war.

China could be weakening the US.  Biological warfare has the advantage of deniability.  Likewise, Cyber-warfare or Financial-warfare could follow next prior to any physical attack.

If the US were to be attacked then the banks would likely close in Europe anyway as they would fear a bank run as scared citizens attempt to get cash on hand. Inflation would likely run rampant as the stability of the Euro is brought into question following the collapse of the US Dollar.

Europe is really very fragile.  Their saving grace is a diverse farming economy.  Germany, France and Spain all have very fertile plains for arable farming.  Eastern Europe is less reliant on modern technology in farming and can be self-sufficient. The UK is not, and cannot quickly become, self-sufficient.  The West would truly be very much weakened through any large war scenario.

Financial Reset

Is this Klaus Schwab's Great Reset, or is it just one step along the way?  Financial collapse is definitely not a destination but a journey.  Many financial commentators see global digital currencies as the destination, commonly called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).  CBDCs really spell the end of the banking era.  Each country can issue digital currencies directly to citizens without the need for banks.

CBDCs are not like Bitcoin or Crypto-currencies.  They may share some technology but they are not distributed on a decentralized network. Instead, they are centralized at the Central Bank.  They can be completely controlled.  Each individual can be controlled by enabling or disabling their access to this new banking system.

The control afforded by these new currencies would definitely be appealing to Mr Global.  Does it take a global collapse to get there?  Probably.  As it would require replacing all currencies in every country.  Sure it doesn't need to be done by every country all at the same time, but there does seem to be some urgency by the globalists at the moment.

Multiplanetary Mission

Again something highlighted by Catherine Austin-Fitts is the eagerness to explore and send a mission to Mars.

It doesn't seem to make sense.  Nothing has been proven about the human ability to survive beyond Earth.  In the 1990's a group of eight volunteers signed up to spend 2 years in a dome in Arizona called Biosphere 2.  An article on the subject can be read here. Or watch the video below.  It was a massive failure.

Catherine does point out though, that once we become multi-planetary, then we would somehow need an Earth representative to resolve disputes that occur beyond Earth.

This seems like a stretch of the imagination.  Maybe in 100 years. If someone is born on Mars and decides they are a Martian and have no Earthly citizenship then this might be an issue, but it really seems like a non-issue for at least the next 50 years.

What she doesn't mention but must have heard about, is what if there is extraterrestrial intelligence?  What if Mr Global is anticipating contact from creatures beyond Earth and for that reason, we need a central Earthly representative.  That will be the subject of another post but this could be a distinct possibility.

Global Control

What does all this have to do with COVID? Not much from what I can see.  It could simply be one piece in a giant puzzle to bring the people of the world under greater control.  It will take many steps to get there.  

With COVID, factions of obedient versus disobedient citizens are being formed.  Now the narrative can be manipulated to a point where the disobedient citizens can be rounded up and taken out.


Probably all of these scenarios are likely.  How might it play out?

  1. COVID regulations continue to get worse with the unvaccinated, and the pro-choice, pro-freedom faction being blamed for the restriction of liberties.  Large percentages of the population become angry with this faction.
  2. Governments introduce mandates in the name of peace and security and health. Dissenters get rounded up or move elsewhere.
  3. Financial collapse occurs forcing banks to close, making citizens even less comfortable and more reliant on Government help.
  4. Governments introduce conditions to receive food or medical supplies, further increasing their control.  Central Bank Digital Currencies are presented as the solution to the crisis and the only way out of it.  Possibly combined with some form of vaccine passport.
  5. A Cyber-attack wipes out the power in large parts of Europe and the US.  Citizens are increasingly angry and upset with governments.  The military are brought in to calm citizens down as riots erupt worldwide.
  6. China uses this moment to launch a surprise attack on the US.  They may start with an EMP to remove the possibility of retaliatory attacks.  Nuclear submarines could still retaliate, does China have a solution to this conundrum?
  7. Russia invades Europe and meets little resistance. European citizens are now ready for whatever rules Russia cares to impose.
  8. Global Government takes a step forward, but not quite there yet.

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