World War 3 Prophetic Update

A short update article regarding the expected prophetic timeline. It still looks as though catastrophic, world-changing events could occur starting in September this year.

World War 3 Prophetic Update
Photo by Duncan Kidd / Unsplash

I've not had much time to write recently as things have been busier at work, but I wanted to release something as we'll be on holiday for the next two weeks. So here's something I've had in mind for a few weeks now.

Back in May 2022, I wrote an article about Chuck Youngbrandt's prophecies regarding World War 3. As I mentioned then, the timeline is not that clear but I did my best to separate it into three years. Or rather two years plus a few months from September to December in what I called Year zero. This is perhaps significant because the Hebrew calendar (or God's calendar) starts in September with Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah falls at sunset Sunday the 25th of September 2022.

Chuck Youngbrandt however, specifically placed three significant events in September but gave dates before the Jewish festival.

  • A huge hurricane (largest ever) hitting New Orleans
  • A major earthquake striking Chicago
  • A major earthquake striking St Louis

The dates for these events fall between September 7th and September 19th. Although the prophecy was originally given to Chuck in 1979, they have not yet occurred and this could be the year that they do.

I believe these events occur before the other events and the other events seem to be coming.

Store Gas as shortages will occur

This is exactly what Chuck said and this is exactly what the German government and many governments are now saying. Indeed, I have followed their advice and stocked up on gas, and by gas I mean, butane. Chuck may have been referring to fuel for the car (petrol or diesel to me) but I can get everywhere I need to by bicycle so it is far more important that I can cook food and heat the house.

Reports from Germany are suggesting that home temperatures should be reduced to 17℃ (62℉) and those living in apartments may get no say in this matter as the apartment management will decide for you. Usually, Germans have much warmer homes than I'm used to in England with 21℃ being considered the minimum. Germans are being advised to buy blankets.

Most Germans do not seem to be heeding this advice and many are simply purchasing electric heaters thinking that if there is a gas shortage then the electricity will be just fine. This is not the case as many will find out to their detriment. The electricity is provided by gas-powered power stations.

Chuck prophesied that this would occur in what he called Year 1.

Temperature rise

In the same year (Year 1), he said temperatures would rise on June ninth, peaking in July and there'd be no rain of any significance.

I picked Kansas as representative for the US, and saw that their temperatures rose this year in June but it was around June 13th. Prior to this they were all below 30℃ and after this they were all above 30℃. It is therefore very probably that the same thing happens again in 2023 and maybe a few days earlier to confirm that 2023 is indeed Year 1.

With the US expecting to see record-breaking temperatures, the gas shortages will lead to power outages as the grid will struggle to service the air-conditioning.

The economy crumbles

In 2022, the US has entered a technical recession, meaning that for the last two quarters it has seen negative GDP growth. This is also the worst start to the year for the stock market since 1962. It is not yet at the point where I'd say that it was crumbling. I'm therefore expecting this in 2023, exactly as the other prophecies indicate.

Food riots in August

We're now just a few days from August and it does not look like there'll be any riots over food in 2022. That has not prevented Austrian supermarket chain Spar from issuing advice to its employees, that in the event of blackouts, they should not try to stop looters. This may be opportunists rather than rioters, but the stage is being set.

We've been hearing from friends who are farmers that yields are down this year because of the shortage of fertilizers combined with the lack of rain. Governments policies also do not help as the farmers in the Netherlands are demonstrating. It's the same all over Europe though, farmers are simply not allowed to plant crops despite dire predictions of food shortages.

Current expectations are that next year the shortages will be worse than this year.

Dollar slides in July

This is the final prophecy that I'm going to consider now. This is another indicator that 2023 is Year 1. So far this year the US Dollar has grown in strength, at least compared to other world currencies. The Federal Reserve has increased the interest rates to try to stave off inflation and that had so far strengthened the dollar. The knock-on effect has been that the housing market has slowed down and we may begin to see businesses struggling now with the higher cost of finance.

What's true for businesses is also true for governments. Things are much worse in Europe as the European Central Bank (ECB) tries to rescue the struggling currency union, the Euro. After 2008, Greece faced a sovereign debt crisis and strict rules were imposed on Greece to rescue the Euro. Now it could be Italy's turn, although other European nations are also struggling. Portugal and Spain may also be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Collectively these nations are known as the PIGS.

The Euro is now of equal value to the US Dollar, the worst it's been since 2003. The ECB's problem is that it needs to raise interest rates to curb inflation but if it raises interest rates then the indebted nations will struggle to service their loans. They have just agreed to increase interest rates bringing the rate from negative to exactly zero per cent.

Both John Paul Jackson and David Wilkerson said that economic collapse will begin with the Euro and quickly encompass the Japanese Yen and followed by the US dollar.

Actually, this major collapse does not necessarily happen in 2023 but I see it as a distinct possibility because by the end of Year 2 the US Dollar is prophesied to be almost worthless, reaching par with the Mexican Peso, a loss of about 95 per cent of its value.


The prophecies for Year 1 are already looking like they might happen in 2023, which means that those things prophesied for Year 0 could happen this year, 2022.

Be prepared therefore for a hurricane in New Orleans and surrounding areas in September. On September 7th, be prepared for an earthquake in Chicago. On September 19th, be prepared for an earthquake near St. Louis, Missouri.

If these events occur in September then get out of the US East Coast cities, as an accidental nuclear bombing of certain East Coast cities is prophesied to occur in December, triggered by a computer glitch of some kind.

Stay close to God. If you have questions or comments then do join us on our Telegram group at