World War 3 - What's the worst that could happen?

There are many modern day prophecies of things which sound terrible. How might they work out in practice. What should we expect. How can we prepare.

World War 3 - What's the worst that could happen?
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What we've seen in the first two years of 2020 may pale in comparison with what could happen in the coming years of 2020.

The next battle field

I believe that there are a number of steps that will play out in World War 3. What we are witnessing in 2022 is manoeuvring and jostling into position. There is a securing of raw materials and strengthening of allegiances.


Russia has huge natural resources that they are able to bring to bear in any conflict. Their large land area allows them to contribute a significant fraction to agriculture, although the climate limits what can be grown. Cereal crops such as wheat, barley, oats and rye are the main export produce of Russia. Prices of these products will rise further and they may become unavailable including products made with these items, think bread, pizza etc.

The Russian fishing industry contributes almost one third of the canned fish around the world and a quarter of all fresh and frozen fish. The prices of fish will therefore sharply rise and there availability become restricted.

Wood, lumber, cardboard and paper are large exports of Russia's. Expect shortages of paper, wood and cardboard and a sharp increase in prices.

A quarter of the world's oil comes from Russia and almost a third of its natural gas. We've witnessed huge increases in the cost of oil and gas in Europe. This covers our heating bills, our electricity bills, and our fuel for the car and will probably have knock-on effects on the cost of everything else as industry will also be paying more in manufacturing and delivery costs.

Not only does Russia supply these goods for direct consumption but they also are the world's largest supplier of fertilizer. Countries around the world cannot now purchase Russian fertilizer because of the sanctions. The cost of fertilizer has increased by some fifty per cent and availability of fertilizer is significantly disrupted. For farmers that may simply mean that they choose not to plant certain crops and go with a crop that requires different or fewer nutrients. Disruption in the production of crops locally is therefore expected to be impacted until at least 2023.

Nuclear weapons

Russia has the most nuclear weapons in the world and they are big fans of chess! That means they will think strategically, and in advance, about how to conduct a major war against the US and win. The US was weakened by the protracted war in Afghanistan but it was not defeated. To truly defeat the US, Russia knows that it will need to deal a decisive blow. Nuclear weapons will be the decisive blow. The problem will be what is referred to as mutually assured destruction. That means:

If you attack us with nuclear weapons then we'll attack you with nuclear weapons, and thereby we'll both be destroyed.

The US has so many nuclear weapons stationed throughout the world that Russia will need to take all locations out simultaneously. Or be very certain about any protective systems that they have in place. The US have a system called Aegis which can detect incoming ballistic missiles and take them out before they explode. However just this past Sunday, Russian media threatened to wipe out Britain using a nuclear tsunami. This is the first time I've seen such a thing written in a Newspaper, but the Prophets and analysts are already aware of this threat. Detonating a nuclear bomb underwater would bypass all defences and destroy large populations.


John Paul Jackson saw, over ten years ago, tsunamis up to ten stories high covering New York and Los Angeles and, obviously, all surrounding areas. This could be caused by a cosmic event such as an asteroid, but striking both sides of America at once makes a nuclear attack the most likely theory.

Both Henry Gruver and Dumitru Duduman saw very similar visions of Russia and China attacking America's east and west coasts on a single day with nuclear weapons.

Charles Youngbrandt saw America being attacked by Russia, China and other nations using nuclear weapons.


Russia has allies, we're mostly talking about South America (particularly Brasil) and China. They are supporters of Syria and Iran, through the provision of military assistance, and they may receive support from Turkey. Iran in particular has been mentioned in Prophecy as John Paul Jackson said:

Russia will try to take control of Ukraine and continue to give Iran weapons to further ignite the oil crisis


China's sights are set on Taiwan in the first instance. The US has sworn to protect Taiwan but given the opportunity, they would gladly invade. Together with Russia, they may take out the US first, or else distract the US by first attacking Taiwan and then attacking the US mainland.

With China at war with the west, it is safe to say that the supply chains will be completely disrupted. All goods passing through China will be halted. All semi-conductors are currently produced in Taiwan. The west will be starved of semi-conductors. The electronics from China will be stopped.

It would be akin to returning the 1940's. Our current technology would continue to function but it would not be able to be replaced and maybe not repaired. You could imagine all but essential businesses shutting down and people being redeployed to support the war effort.

After Taiwan, China is likely to attack Australia, the Philippines and India. These countries are the most Westernized in the region and the biggest supporters of the US regime. India and China share a border and have recently started building up troops there, whilst Australia angered China by signing a defense cooperation pact with the US and UK. China in return, one week ago, on the sixth of May, announced  a defense pact with the Solomon Islands off the North East coast of Australia.


There are several  prophetic words covering the East, but far fewer than those covering the West. Hopefully God is revealing his plans to prophets in their own language, it could also be that the impact in the East is going to be much less.

I know in early 2020 or 2021 God gave a prophecy to Emma Stark that China would invade Taiwan. Unfortunately I can no longer find that prophecy. If anyone has a link to it then please let me know via Telegram ( or by replying to your subscription emails.

Chuck Pierce said to watch Taiwan. Hank Kunneman also has said watch Taiwan.


The middle east is a powder keg waiting to ignite. If the US is distracted by other theatres of war, then Israel will be caused to fend for itself. Iran may take this opportunity to directly strike Israel with bombs. When Israel and Iran go to war then the rest of the middle eastern countries will likely join in. The price of oil will then sky-rocket.


What we see right now is inflation at almost unprecedented levels, at least in the West, the highest rates of inflation for 40 years.

Hyper inflation does not just happen, it takes several years to play out. In Weimar, Germany, the currency had lost ninety per cent of its value in the three years prior to start of the hyper inflationary period of 1922. Between 1918 to 1921 the price of an ounce of gold went from 100 marks to 1000 marks.

To the average person we're not bothered whether a period is high inflation or hyper inflation. What we're bothered about is can we afford housing, fuel and food.

Housing, fuel and food in the 1920s were very much "home-grown". Very little was being imported so the international exchange rate of the currency did not make a huge difference to the average person. Where it does matter is in the jobs market. Wages will not be able to keep up with inflation so in general wages will decrease in comparison to the cost of living.

The only real wealth in a country comes from exports but these would likely slow down as goods become difficult to price given a constantly deflating currency. Countries often choose to price goods in US dollars, or a neighbouring country's currency, when their own currency becomes unstable.

Between 1916 and 1920 the US Dollar lost fifty per cent of its value, but during the Great Depression it actually regained forty per cent because at the same time other world economies were experiencing depressions and to stimulate the economy they broke their currency's tie to gold. This enabled the central banks to print money and devalue their currencies. The US did not devalue their currency.

Devaluing a currency is borrowing from the citizens without asking for permission. Printing money or bonds to get out of a depression is pulling a rug over your eyes. The depression is there because of structural problems with the economy. Instead of fixing the structural problems in the economy, the government borrows money to spend their way out of the depression.

Since 2008, world economies discovered that they could print money to get out of the recession, except this time inflation did not accompany the increase in money supply. Interest rates came down close to zero and in some cases below zero to try to encourage inflation. It worked to some extent, the price of houses and the value of the stock markets went up several hundred per cent. All this actually did was make another housing market bubble and a stock market bubble.

When the coronavirus came along and economies shut down, governments printed more money to hide the actual problems caused by shutting down the economy.

It took until 2022 for the inflation to finally show up in consumer prices. The inflation has been blamed on Russia, but that is a deception told by politicians to avoid accepting blame.

Central banks respond to inflation by increasing interest rates. This is to encourage international investment in the currency thereby increasing its value rather than its value decreasing as in the case with consumer price inflation. If inflation continues, which it will do, then the interest rates will increase. For those with loans or with a variable rate mortgage then this is going to cause serious problems.

Businesses will go bankrupt and there will be a new Great Depression, which is currently being called the Great Reset. The proposed solution will be a central bank digital currency (CBDC) which will allow the government to track every purchase you make and to set an expiry date on each digital dollar.


The housing market will stagnate and the value of houses will go down. It will be worst in the cities. I forecast a fifty per cent decline in house prices in city centres. And because we're talking about inflation then it would need to be the inflation adjusted value of houses.

People will sell their houses with negative equity because they cannot afford to keep up with the costs of servicing the mortgage.

People will also move out of city centres because of fear of war. This will likely be slow at first increasing rapidly as the threat of war comes closer. Rural property prices will probably increase at this point.


Others have lived through famine, most of us reading this have not. Famine's typically occur where a supply is disrupted. Small countries, or poor countries, typically rely on their own supply. If they get particularly bad seasonal conditions then their supply of a particular crop can be drastically affected and the population experiences a famine.

If a country imports a lot of its crops, as we do in the Western world then a famine is much less likely because the crops purchased on international markets and if one country has a failed crop then another will pick up the supply and maybe increase the price slightly.

What we are experiencing right now in 2022 is a voluntary exclusion of Russia from the supply chain and the destruction of Ukrainian supplies. This region is called the bread basket of Europe because of the huge fields of wheat in Ukraine and Russia. Some 50% of this wheat is now unavailable, leading either to shortages or large price increases.

The supply of fertilizer is a massive dependency for Western farming. Our large-scale farming techniques rely on access to fertilizer. The economics of farming rely on access to fertilizer. Without the right fertilizer at the right time, some farmers may choose to plant different crops. With the majority of fertilizer coming from Russia, European and US harvest will be hugely affected, if not in 2022 then definitely in 2023.

People will be hungry. Maybe hungrier than they have ever been. With the bulk of carbohydrates in the Western diet coming from wheat then there could be some serious problems in 2022 and 2023.

John Paul Jackson saw newspaper headlines regarding food prices:

Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes
Sysco Co. and Kraft Considers Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget

Joblessness and Homelessness

As supply chains become disrupted not only will there be a shortage of micro-processors, there will be no microprocessors. Car plants and their suppliers will shut down.

Due to inflation many consumer goods stores will close down, people will not be able to afford the discretionary spending they once enjoyed. This will increase joblessness.

Many large companies compete by having access to cheap loans. As interest rates increase, the cheap loans will not be available and the existing loans will no longer be cheap. Many companies will go bankrupt. This will increase joblessness.

I am expecting to see these things playing out before we enter World War 3. Inflation increasing, interest rates increasing, businesses closing down and food shortages. Labour will not yet be reassigned to a war effort.

It's possible that the government tries to continue printing money to stimulate the economy and to somehow give the population a feeling that the government is doing something by putting money into their accounts. This however, will be the last ditch attempt which leads to hyper inflation and the death of the currency.


People will riot because of the inflation and food shortages. Cities may implement martial law and covid style lockdowns to try to prevent rioting.

Banks may close as people perceive them to be the cause of the problems and target them during the riots. People will be unable to withdraw money during this time which will increase the troubles.

Food will become more difficult to obtain without access to cash and with rioting occurring in the streets. This is another reason why people will leave the cities, and another reason why people will be without food.

The Worst to Come

It is hard to imagine, but in the midst of riots, hyper-inflation, famine and joblessness, that is the moment Russia will choose to attack the US.

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.
  --- Cobra Kai

Russia will attack the US in the most populous regions and all at the same time. It is hard to imagine that they will not also strike London and other US allies at the same time. Although, I think the primary objective is the elimination of the bully which will quickly reveal who the true allies are. I think much of Europe will abandon the US in favour of Russia.

We may see a period of growth and peace after these next five to ten years. I don't believe that World War 3 will usher in the end times and the anti-christ system. It might do but I think Russia is less likely to lead the world in that direction that the US has been doing of late.


I see this slowly getting worse before climaxing around 2025 or 2026. The first two items on my to do list, as far as possible are:

  • Food & water
  • Shelter & security

These two may be related in that shelter and security depends very much on where you are living, and if you are in a city then food and water may also be difficult to secure. Therefore prior to stockpiling in your small apartment, consider moving to more rural accommodation, if you're in the US the more inland the better. Choose somewhere with some space for food storage and start stockpiling.

Given the expected decline in property prices, now could be a good time to sell and either buy somewhere cheaper rurally, or rent. That would free up some capital and protect you from rising interest rates.  

If you do not have time or desire to move right now, then start stockpiling some food and water, primarily rice and lentils if nothing else as these are both nutritious and filling. If storing pasta then spaghetti gives you the most nutrition for smallest volume, although in general pasta is less nutritious than rice.

If you have opportunity then now may be a good time to invest in a greenhouse or polytunnel and to see what it takes to grow some simple vegetables like cabbage or potato.

Get a good water filter because during war, or even a power outage, then water may not be available from the tap. Consider where the nearest stream is, and consider water storage. See my other articles for more tips on water filtration.

  • Community

It is important to have a community of friends and acquaintances whom you can trust to pull together when times get tough. They can help out not just physically but also with emotional support.

  • Energy

We can assume that there will be no power available and potentially no fossil fuels. The more off-grid your lifestyle the better. Solar is a suitable power source but more so in summer and less so in winter. Wind and hydro-electric power would be a better source for winter. Wood is the best fuel source for heat and ease of access. If you have access to a private source of wood then this would be ideal.

  • Barter
  • Wealth preservation

Finally if you want to retain some wealth during this time then investing in a business that may be positioned to profit would be good, but not through the open stock market, but by knowing and talking to the owners, checking their supply chain and their plans for the future. Ideally you could start or buy a business and get it ready to provide work and jobs.

Otherwise gold is the best means of wealth preservation having survived millennia and still being suitable for the purchase of property. Silver is a suitable means for buying smaller goods and materials during a time when the banks are closed and trust in the currency is gone.

Items that could be bartered include anything from flour, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, but also eggs. The more basic resources you have access to the better and if you have capability to produce more goods and to add value to the local economy then this could be a time to prosper.


It is hard to imagine this period of time, having experienced eighty years of peace in Western Europe and even longer in the US.

Our hope needs to be placed in Jesus Christ as he is the rock that is our secure foundation and he will meet our every need.

We know that the time of the end is approaching and things will get progressively worse but there will also be times of great blessing in between the hard times, and if we believe it, even during the hard times.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.  (Psalm 23:5)

During the hardest times typically the true church prospers and grows as the fat is trimmed off, the weeds are uprooted and our roots grow deeper.